Stylized line drawing of mark playing the flute



Github project

A simple React component for switching between a text label and a text input.

I wrote this to learn about publishing NPM packages and it turned out to fill a niche for a number of people.

PHP Features Cheatsheet

The cheatsheet

I switch between projects using all different versions of PHP. I wrote this to help keep track of which features were added in which versions.


Github project

All of the various config files that I use. I put them in Github to make it easier to deploy on multiple machines and to potentially be of use to others.

Elementor Import/Export Tool

Github project

This is a WordPress plugin which adds a new wp command to export and import Elementor post data.

All Elementor-related metadata for the post is exported to a PHP-serialized file which can the be imported using the other wp command.

WPEngine Helper

Github project

This is a console tool (written in PHP with Laravel Zero) for interacting with WPEngine sites.


Github project

At some point, Basecamp 3 changed the formatting of the "My Assignments" page and I thought it was harder to read. This Firefox extension changes the formatting back.

Link Shrub

Github project

A very simple, plain, self-hosted alternative to