Stylized line drawing of mark playing the flute



Github project

A simple React component for switching between a text label and a text input.

I wrote this to learn about publishing NPM packages and it turned out to fill a niche for a number of people.

PHP Features Cheatsheet

The cheatsheet

I switch between projects using all different versions of PHP. I wrote this to help keep track of which features were added in which versions.


Github project

All of the various config files that I use. I put them in Github to make it easier to deploy on multiple machines and to potentially be of use to others.

Bad Teenage Poetry

Another small site for learning about NextJS. Inspired by finding an archive of terrible poetry from high school.

Elementor Import/Export Tool

Github project

This is a WordPress plugin which adds a new wp command to export and import Elementor post data.

All Elementor-related metadata for the post is exported to a PHP-serialized file which can the be imported using the other wp command.

WPEngine Helper

Github project

This is a console tool (written in PHP with Laravel Zero) for interacting with WPEngine sites.