Mark Biek

Software Developer


  • PHP (vanilla, Laravel, Wordpress)
  • JavaScript (vanilla, jQuery, es6, typescript)
  • ReactJS, react-native, react-redux, redux-saga, hooks
  • NodeJS
  • Parcel/Webpack/Gulp/Grunt
  • AWS
  • Stripe/Authorize.Net/FirstData/Payeezy
  • Vagrant
  • Docker
  • Python
  • C#/.NET

Mission Statement

I've been working full time as a software developer since 1998 and I love the intellectual thrill of writing code and solving problems.

I firmly believe that the days of a developer working by themself in a room are over. Software Development is all about collaboration. The ability to work with other developers and clients is just as important as the ability to write code. I love to work with awesome, smart people making beautiful and exciting things. I love making things that people will use and enjoy.

I am not a great programmer.

I am a middle-of-the-road programmer.

I don’t think I’m a 10x programmer. I am not changing the world. I never invented a programming language or wrote a really amazing piece of software that everyone knows about.

So I have to make up for it other ways.

  • I write decent code (mostly).
  • I document things.
  • I accept criticism.
  • I’m always learning.
  • I can stay organized in a large project.
  • I work well with people, especially non-technical people.
  • I can be an advocate for a talented team member who is being overlooked or mentor Junior developers.
  • I can deal with jerks without getting upset.
  • I can get things done. If there is a roadblock or someone is stuck, I can generally get things moving again

I’m going to bring value to the table in whatever way I can.

Places I've worked

Senior Backend Developer — VIA Studio (Dec 2015 - Present)

php laravel laravel-nova inertia wordpress javascript es6 react react-native nextjs html/css less/scss webpack nodejs aws payment-processing python

  • Build custom websites using Laravel, WordPress, and ReactJS.
  • Spearheaded project to sell custom WordPress plugins on This included lead developer on the plugins themselves as well as the corresponding sales website.
  • Development team manager and member of company leadership team
  • Assist with client prospecting.
  • Generate new business leads.
  • Lead developer on large projects.
  • Assist Project Managers with scheduling and sprint planning.
  • Mentor Junior developers.
  • Manage internal and cloud servers.
  • Manage Vagrant, Docker, and Jenkins CI projects for internal development.

Senior Development Consultant — Negotation360 (May 2020 - Present)

php laravel javascript es6 react react-native aws

  • After the initial developer left, took over api and admin website along with react-native mobile app
  • Assist in recovery from credential leak
  • Help manage and automate AWS setup

Senior Development Consultant — ioVita (Jan 2018 - Present)

php laravel javascript es6 react react-native html/css less/scss webpack gulp nodejs aws payment-processing python

  • Assist off-shore team with best practices and system architecture
  • Help manage and automate AWS and Progress HealthCloud setup

Senior Development Consultant — Studymaker, LLC (2002 - Present)

php javascript react react-redux jquery laravel aws asp angularjs

  • Managed Rackspace servers
  • Design and maintain AWS architecture for HIPAA-compliant PHP application hosting
  • Wrote PHP/Laravel/MySQL website for displaying data dashboards. Included custom REST API for pulling data together from multiple sources.
  • Configured, managed, and wrote deploy scripts for hosting on AWS.
  • Wrote an AngularJS application for calculating Procalcitonin changes ( Involved close work with the FDA and a rapidly changing set of requirements – Studymaker, LLC. Worked on a data validation website built on top of the Redcap API. – Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard University. Wrote a mobile-friendly website for collecting patient medical information. Used by BIDMC doctors at the 2012 Democratic Convention at their mobile treatment stations.
  • Wrote a variety of PHP/MySQL websites for data collection. Data collected was used for studies to improve patient care through more efficient and accurate record keeping and to measure the effectiveness of new drugs.

Senior Programmer Analyst — Kindred Healthcare (Sep 2013 - Nov 2015)

c# .net lua python php

  • Lead developer on custom Windows service to route data from an AIX interface to SQL Server. Service requires high availability in order to process millions of records daily. Improved performance by migrating static SQL INSERT calls to using MERGE statements using User-defined Table Types.
  • Lead developer on ASP.NET Web forms site for generating custom SSRS reports.
  • Lead developer on ASP.NET MVC website for calculating nursing staffing needs.
  • Lead developer on ASP.NET MVC website which allows respiratory therapists to review ventilator data and submit records back to ProTouch (Kindred's EMR).
  • Lead developer on a C# desktop application for monitoring servers running ProTouch. Application includes ability to send batch commands to multiple servers. I improved performance by rewriting the batch-send threading code to use the .NET TPL (Task Parallel Library).
  • Wrote a responsive ACO physician/facility directory website using PHP/MySQL. This site required quick turn around and was used to demonstrate our group's development capabilities to the new company CIO.
  • Implemented work queue and Windows service monitoring using Nagios. Previously, we wouldn't find out about queue failures for days. Now we have real-time alerts.
  • Wrote an internal website to allow developers working on the ProTouch UI layer to easily review their display modules.
  • Updated all .NET applications and websites to use config file transformations to easily deploy to different environments. Previously, developers had to manually modify the config files for each environment.
  • Added automatic build numbers to each .NET application and website to allow for easy version tracking on release. Previously, it was difficult to know which version was running in Production.
  • Helped manage an Intern from the UofL Speed School. This included assigning projects, reviewing code, and assisting with development.
  • Helped spearhead an initiative to migrate from Visual Source Safe and Subversion to Git.

Senior Interactive Developer — Power Creative (Aug 2008 - Sep 2013)

php javascript jquery asp c# html css python appcelerator-titanium

Senior Programmer Analyst — The Stevenson Company (Sep 2002 - Aug 2008)

php javascript sas python wincross

Software Developer — ZFrame Corporation (Jan 2000 - Sep 2002)

c++ palmos vbscript asp

Software Developer — PinPoint Corporation (Aug 1998 - Jan 2000)

vb6 php

(Additional work history & references available upon request)