Simple tabbed HTML navigation buttons

A colleague of mine (Charlie Dillon over at recently introduced me to a nice way create tab-like navigation buttons.

A simple example of the finished product looks like this.


  • Works across all modern browsers (including IE6).
  • Link text is nicely centered.
  • The link fills up the entire button so you have a big clickable area and you can use a:hover for stying.

  • Uses very simple HTML and CSS and it's easy to style.


  • It uses tables, which is handy because a lot of your sizing/stretching is handled automatically. However it makes it harder to use in a dropdown menu situation. In that case, you're better using a nested <ul>.
  • The markup doesn't lend itself well to rounded corners.

Here's the HTML. Nothing shocking there.

~~~~ {.xhtml name="code"}

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Now for the fun part.

~~~~ {.css name="code"} .tabs .tab a { display: block; font: normal normal bold 15px/30px Arial, sans-serif; color: #000000; text-decoration: none; text-transform: uppercase; } .tabs .tab a:hover { background: #FFD573; } ~~~~

There are a couple of interesting things happening here.

We're setting the <a> tags to display: block; which lets them fill up the entire <td> that contains them.

Now notice the 15px/30px part of the font style. We're setting the font-size to 15px and the line-height to 30px which is the same height as the <td>. This lets the text of the *<a> tag float in the middle of the <td>* without using any margin or padding.

That's all there is too it. Nothing too magical, but a nice effect.