Running Laravel 5 in a Subdirectory

Running Laravel 5 in a subdirectory (instead of a subdomain or top-level domain) is easy but there's one gotcha.

Step 1: Apache Config

Make sure to alias your subdirectory to the public directory of your Laravel project.

Let's say my site is going to be at My Apache config would look like this:

Alias /laravel-site /path/to/laravel/public
<Directory /path/to/laravel/public>
    AllowOverride All
    Require all granted

Step 2: Laravel .htaccess file

This was that part I got stuck on. The / route was fine but all other routes threw an Internal Server Error (which turned out to be a redirect loop).

To fix this, add the following to your public/.htaccess file:

RewriteBase /laravel-site

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