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Adding types to react-editable-label

In 2018, I wanted to learn about writing and publishing npm packages.

I came up with the idea for a simple React component which toggles between a label and a text input and published v0.1.0 to

Apparently that silly little component filled a niche for some people because it's been getting 1-2k downloads a week ever since.

I've iterated on it over the years, doing things like changing from a class-based component to using React hooks, etc.

And now, finally, I've added a basic type definition file so the component is easier to use in a Typescript project.

I'd initially tried adding a type definition to DefinitelyTyped because I didn't want to deal with converting the whole build process over to Typescript. Big kudos to the DefinitelyTyped folks for showing me how easy it was to add a type definition and leave the rest of the package basically untouched.

Here's react-editable-label v1.4.0, now with types!