Stylized line drawing of mark playing the flute

Bloganuary: What do you complain about the most?

My biggest complaint is people being dumb (or not following the rules) in a way that's inconsiderate to everyone. Standing in an open doorway having a conversation with someone and blocking the way for everyone else. Driving and making illegal turns where people drift into the wrong lane. Driving and hanging out in the left lane on the freeway when they're slower than everyone else.

My absolute pet peeve is people who are inconsiderate to pedestrians and cyclists. I don't encounter much actual aggression anymore. Mostly it's just people not thinking or paying attention. A person who's turning right out of a parking lot and only looks left and almost runs you over because you're walking down the sidewalk from the other direction. People who don't stop when you're in the crosswalk.

I honestly think it's gotten worse since COVID started. COVID brought out this extreme self-centered-ness in a subset of our population and it's carried over into everything, especially driving.