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Bloganuary: What are your thoughts on the concept of living a very long life?

I am very much about quality over quantity when it comes to life. I think modern society puts way too much emphasis on extending life, no matter what the cost. No matter what the person's quality of life is.

My worst nightmare is to live to be super old but completely lose myself to dementia. What kind of life is that? Not knowing who anyone is, not able to enjoy anything. Just existing until my body forgets how to live and everything stops.

My dad has a friend who, at the age of 70, stopped doing any kind of preventative medicine. He doesn't go to the doctor. He doesn't take regular medication. He tries to live in a healthy way, eating right and exercising. But that's it. No full body scans, no regular checkups. He's going to live his life until it ends.

I want to enjoy my life and be with my family and friends for as long as I'm capable of. And then I want it to stop.