Stylized line drawing of mark playing the flute

Bloganuary: Do you play in your daily life?

I love this question because I think play is so important. I think there are too many people who think you have to stop playing when you grow up.

If you're a parent, you play with your kids a lot (especially when they're little). Sometimes it's mind-numbing and horrible but sometimes it's pure joy. I have so many fond memories of playing and being silly with my kids.

As far as playing goes now, there are lots of things I love. I play video games (currently obsessed with Dredge). Sometimes I play board games or card games. I'm assembling a minature book nook which may seem more like a hobby but it's so magical and fun, I'm counting it as play. I also have a dog and he loves to play fetch and tug and wrestle.

There's no wrong way to play. Be silly and have fun.