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On learning and stupid questions

There is an artist and puzzle-maker named Abraham Piper who I discovered because of his Tik Toks.

He covers lots of fun stuff like words, religion, philosopy, the meaningless of life (and why it's OK).

But my absolute favorite video is about learning and "stupid questions."

My apologies to Abraham if I don't get this exactly right, but here's what I took away from it.

Think about every single thing that you currently know.

At some point in your life, you didn't know each one of those things. And, for each one of those things, there is a precise moment when you learned each one.

So don't be ashamed of not knowing something. Be proud of yourself for taking the steps to learn it!

And don't look down on someone for not knowing something and trying to learn it. Just because you knew whatever it was before them doesn't make you better or smarter