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Laravel PDOException - General error: 2031

The Laravel DB Facade has some nice helper functions for doing things like database inserts/updates etc.

The insert call looks something like this:

DB::insert('insert into users (id, name) values (?, ?)', [1, 'Dayle']);

You specify a list of fields, placeholders for values, then an array of the actual values.

Laravel passes this down to the PDO layer and it ultimately becomes a PDO prepared-statement so you don't have to worry about SQL injection errors.

Now let's say you have something like this

$record = [
    "id" => 1,
    "name" => "Dayle",

DB::insert('insert into users (id, name) values (?, ?)', $record);

This is going to throw a PDOException. More specifically, a PDOException - General error: 2031.

A 2031 error means that binding the values to the placeholders in the PDO prepared-statement failed.

In this case, it's because the function can't handle an array with values and keys.

The fix is

DB::insert('insert into users (id, name) values (?, ?)', array_values($record));