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What's happening at Bowman Field?

There’s something about engineers. Whatever their discipline, they love to talk about their projects.

Theyve been digging up a huge section of ground on the Dutchmans Lane side of Bowman field. Last year, they tore down the tee hangars and its just been overgrown concrete until now.

I tried looking up the building project using the permit information listed above but I didn’t have any luck. My suspicion is it’s the permit for the outfall (eg drainage) work they’re doing as a result of digging up all the concrete.

At a dead end, I decided to take the direct route and call the Louisville Regional Airport Authority and ask them what they’re doing. After a couple minutes of explanation, a confused-but-helpful receptionist transferred me to the voicemail of the Airport Authority’s chief engineer.

15 minutes later, Dwight (the chief engineer) and Steve (another engineer) called back.

The conversation went something like this:

Me: (Asks about building project)

Dwight: Now, are you a pilot?

Me: No, just someone who lives in the area and was curious.

Dwight: Oh. Are you in construction? What do you do?

Me: I’m a software developer. I just like to nerd out on stuff.

That was a reasonable enough explanation for them and they were happy to discuss.

They tore down the old tee hangars because they weren’t really getting used and it was a waste of money maintaining them.

The current project is tearing up the 1940s-era concrete that was under the hangars and then turning the whole area into a green space.

If there’s enough interest in a couple of years, they might build some personal hangars to rent out for corporate planes..

There you go. The power of curiosity and a simple phone call.