Stylized line drawing of mark playing the flute

The nerdiest thing I ever did

I’ve done a lot of super nerdy things in my life. Like, a lot.

But I think Graphing Camp takes the top tier.

I attended Graphing Camp for, I believe, a week in 7th grade. I and two other boys were the only β€œcampers”. I’m pretty sure at least one of those boys was doing it as an alternative to after-school detention.

And what does one do at Graphing Camp?

Graph things!

We ran varying distances, measured our pulse, the graphed it. I seem to also remember something about seeing how much water could be soaked up by different sized sponges.

At one point, a reporter from the local news was doing a story about different after school activities and I ended up being interviewed. I happened to mention the day and time so they used me as a soundbite for a couple of days.

Riveting stuff, right? In truth though, I loved it.