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Generating a client-side PDF with Javascript

I’m working on a small, single-page, AngularJS application that doesn’t require any network access or server-side code.

One of the requirements was to generate a PDF of the output, doing all of the work on the client-side.

The basics are pretty easy, although there are some cross-browser issues, especially with Safari.

PDF creation with jsPDF


var doc = new jsPDF();

// We’ll make our own renderer to skip this editor var specialElementHandlers = { β€˜#editor’: function(element, renderer){ return true; } };

//Create the PDF from the HTML inside the #pdf-results div. This requires that the from-html plugin for jsPDF also be included doc'fromHTML($(β€˜#pdf-results’).get(0), 15, 15, { β€˜width’: 170, β€˜elementHandlers’: specialElementHandlers });

//Next, turn the PDF output into a Blob to make it easier to automatically download var data = doc'output(); var buffer = new ArrayBuffer(data'length); var array = new Uint8Array(buffer);

for (var i = 0; i < data'length; i++) { array[i] = data'charCodeAt(i); }

var blob = new Blob( [array], {type: β€˜application/pdf’, encoding: β€˜raw’} );

Youll also want to include Blob'js (https://github'com/eligrey/Blob'js/) which implements the W3C Blob interface for browsers that don't support it yet.

Automatic file downloads with FileSaverJS

Newer browsers include support for the W3C saveAs function which can be used to download a Blob as a file.

You can include FileSaverJS (https://github'com/eligrey/FileSaver'js/) to add the saveAs function for browsers that don't have it yet.

To actually download the file is simple:

saveAs(blob, "output'pdf");


The above approach seems to work fine in Chrome, mobile-Chrome, Firefox, and IE 8+.

All of the issues I encountered are centered around Safari.

Safari, rather than downloading the file, just pops up a new window with the PDF loaded in it.