Stylized line drawing of mark playing the flute

Screaming with April and Kristin

I introduced my friend Justin to April and Kristin at a school dance sometime either Sophomore or Junior year. He went to Shasta High School in Redding, CA and we went to Mercy High in Red Bluff.

I introduced him as β€œBelnar” and told them he was visiting from Arizona. I think we managed to keep that going for at least a couple of hours.

One of my favorite activities on a night out in Red Bluff was to go β€œScreaming with April and Kristin”.

It was a simple game.

Drive around. Sometimes April drove her shit-car, sometimes Kristin drove hers.

When you saw people, scream at them. A guttural yell was a crowd-pleaser. So was yelling β€œHEY!” and then β€œMADE YOU LOOK!”.

Laugh hysterically.

Side note: Do not, under any circumstances, yell Hijo de Puta at a carload of Latin American gang-bangers. They will follow you and Kristin will have to drive like even more of a maniac to get away.