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Scotland, Day 1: Traveling

This is the first post in a series documenting my recent trip to Scotland.

Being in places is awesome. Getting to places is fucking awful.

Tue, 9/22/2015 started off normally.

I got up and ate breakfast with the kids. Then Jane and I walked them to school. Took the dog out for a quick 5k while Jane did her thing and then it was off to the airport.

Flew to Philly.

Pope Francis was also flying to Philly.

Watched movies, ate dinner at Legal Seafood, tried to stay entertained.

Walked around the entire Philadelphia airport. Pissed off that we couldn’t walk from the F Terminal to the C terminal.

Then it was time for the 7 hour flight to Glasgow. A complete cattle-car situation, us stuck with a middle and a window seat.

Of course you can’t sleep. Watched more movies, read, and so on.

A long way to spend the night.