Stylized line drawing of mark playing the flute

A reminder about 4-way stops

Here’s a scenario that happens to me all the time.

I approach a 4-way stop on my bike.

A car is also approaching.

The car gets to the stop well ahead of me.

The car waits and waits until I get to the intersection and come to a complete stop.

The car waves me through the intersection.

I understand they’re just trying to be nice. But I wish they wouldn’t. Everything would move more smoothly if they’d take their turn like they’re supposed to.

It slows everyone down, it confuses the order if there are other people coming up to the stop, and it’s more dangerous for me.

If they stopped and then went, I wouldn’t have to stop all the way. I could stay in a slow coast until it’s my turn, then speed up through the stop. I’m at my most vulnerable when I’m stopped so being able to keep moving is a big benefit.

So, when you come to a 4-way stop and it’s your turn, take it! It’s better for everyone.