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Vaccinate your damn kids, already

I woke up to this headline on Mon:

Seattle kids are less likely to get polio vaccine than kids in Rwanda, and rates continue to drop

Seriously? What is wrong with people?

I’m just going to say it flat-out. If you don’t vaccinate your kids, you’re a negligent parent. And I don’t mean people who can’t vaccinate for some reason (like they have tiny babies). I mean people who could (and should) vaccinate and choose not to.

My 11 and 12 year old’s are in the process of getting vaccinated against HPV.

What an amazing thing that is! Three little shots when you’re a pre-teen and you’re pretty much covered against cervical cancer.

We had a lot of discussions about why both my daughter and my son have to get the vaccine. We talked about how men can be carriers of the HPV virus so girls get the vaccine to be protected from getting the virus and boys get it to keep from spreading HPV.

So I’m helping someone keep from getting cancer! Awesome!

  • My son

See, he gets it. Vaccination isn’t just about you or your kids. It’s about everyone!

So vaccinate your damn kids already.