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The worst restaurant review ever

Jane and I popped into the new Highlands restaurant Stout tonight.

Don't misunderstand the title of this post. The restaurant was fine, its the review thats not very good. I've never written a restaurant review before.

Plus, we didn't eat much. We had sweet potato fries and Jane had a beer. And its a place that servers burgers and beer. I can't eat beef and I don't drink. The sweet potato fries were good, but they were just like every other sweet potato fries at every other place in town.

The inside of the restaurant was very nice. Lots of wood and brick. All of the tables were standing on big metal pipes. The beer selection seemed good. Many exciting taps and bottles.

It had an overblown hipster vibe which was annoying. Maybe I'm just getting too old and crochety for that kind of place. They also seemed to have a lot trouble figuring out which tables got which beers. They tried to bring random beers to our table on at least four occasions.

Plus, its high dollar for a burger place. The average burger cost $13 with no sides. And a side of fries was another $6. Pushing $20 for a burger and fries seems pretty steep to me. They were also very adamant about their no substitions policy. It was printed all over the menu and our server explicitly mentioned it. The whole thing felt super weird.

Our server was very nice though. They also do a neat thing where, when its time for the check, your server swings by with an iPad Mini and a Square card reader. They show you the receipt and swipe your card right there.

In the end, it wasn't a bad experience. But I'm not heading back there anytime soon either.