Stylized line drawing of mark playing the flute

Today I learned about a nifty little website called

You upload a picture and it turns it into text.

I fed it this picture:

And heres what it gave back:

Without doubt, a smile, a fun, and a women. To this end, the smile is for travel. The fun is known to some as kiusoitella, and the women evokes uniting. For this purpose, the smile causes a person being fool more easily. Again, it evokes mouth position. Of course, it evokes creepy. Afterwards, it is an outward sign of happy feel.

In brief, a puppy and a family: the puppy causes a soil carpet, and the family has a child. To put it another way, the family appertains to a grow up. Frequently, it evokes child. Hence, it is a taxonomic group containing one or more genera. Thus, it is a taxonomic group containing one or more genera. Certainly, the puppy has a soft silky hair. Likewise, it evokes cute. Otherwise it is a young person. That is to say, it evokes small.

In fact, a woman, which evokes gender. In conclusion, it yearns for man. In contrast, it has an hourglass figure. Next, it may step down mountain. In fact, it may mother man. At the same time, it may dress herself.

Afterwards, a baby, a men, and a studio. Without doubt, the baby is for achieving immortality. The men may journey to europe, and the studio is an album. Although the baby is not an adult. Doubtedly, it yearns for smile. Wherever, it may cry for long time. In addition, it has a passifier.

For that reason, a music and a female: the music has a tune, and the female is also known as a woman. Yes, the female evokes sex. Once, it may give birth to child. Indeed, it is made from the sphere of work by women. e.g., it evokes feminine. e.g., the music causes an emotional response. And it may spread happiness. Following, it is fun to listen too. As a result, it may quiet mind.

As an illustration, a friends, which yearns for talk. Likewise, it may write letter. To repeat, it is a band. Almost, it is a film. At length, it is a someone who understanding you. But it may save money.

For instance, a fashion, a dog, and an affection. In the same way, the fashion requires a money. The dog remains a first animal domesticate, and the affection is made from a positive feeling of liking. Nevertheless, the fashion has a change person appearance over year. Nearby, it is not an out. Almost, it is known to some as . No, it evokes popular clothing.

Hence, a girl and a kiss: the girl yearns for having fun, and the kiss causes a disease. But the kiss ends with a having your eye open. Afterwards, it evokes lip. In sum, it manifests whisper sweet nothing. Though, it is a television episode. Though, the girl is for buying her flower. As a result, it may math. Hence, it is a young woman. Afterwards, it evokes lunar.

By all means a people, which has a muscle. To explain, it yearns for play game. Finally, it has a two ear. To rephrase, it may chair committee. Certainly, it yearns for getting lay. At the same time, it yearns for good eyesight.

Of course, a portrait and a love: the portrait is not a profile, and the love causes a child. And yet, the love yearns for living. At length, it remains a strong feel thering be. By all means it remains an opposite of hate. However, it dreams of making friend. Granted, the portrait evokes formal picture. However, it evokes person. By the same token, it is a studio album. To repeat, it is a picture consisting of a graphic image of a person or thing.