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Just because you're allowed to curse doesn't mean you have to

Were entering an amazing time in terms of Television and entertainment.

With Hulu and Netflix making huge leaps into original programming, the old models are being challenged in a way that they never have before. Were even seeing shows get cancelled on traditional TV networks and then get picked up by streaming providers.

The entertainment needs shaking up so this is all a good thing.

But I have some issues with the original content.

The beauty of original content on platforms like Netflix and Hulu is they're not subject to any silly FCC rules so they can do pretty much whatever they want.

The problem though is, without any silly FCC rules, they can do whatever they want.

I went to writing camp when I was 13 and discovered that we could swear in our poems and the teachers didn't care! So, of course, I started swearing as much as possible in everything. Because I could, not because it added anything to what I was writing.

And thats how I feel about of lot the vulgarity and violence in some of these new streaming shows.

Its just there because they can get away with it.