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Bardstown Rd Businesses That Don't Care About Pedestrians (part 1)

Yesterday afternoon, I walked from the Mid-City Mall back to Kroger down the East side of Bardstown Rd and I was shocked by how miserable an experience it was.

First I want to thank the business that did make the effort to clear the entire sidewalk in front of their buildings.

Sadly, very few businesses have shoveled at all. And, of those that did, most just shoveled from their parking lot to the front door leaving huge sections of the sidewalk impassable.

Here's a long list of businesses that didn't shovel on the East side of Bardstown Rd.

  • PNC Bank at Longest Ave.
  • BB&T
  • Dairy Mart
  • Heath French Henry Showroom
  • Eckankar
  • 1359 Bardstown Rd.
  • Studio A Architecture
  • Fantasy Factory Art Glass
  • Highland Cleaners
  • Highland Green Discovery Center
  • Highland Vac & Sew
  • The Comfy Cow
  • Lula's Frozen Yogurt
  • Highland Chiropractic
  • Cafe Mimosa
  • Dirty Tease
  • All Booked Up
  • Mama's Hip
  • 1567 Bardstown Rd.
  • 1571 Bardstown Rd.
  • Smoker's Dream
  • Dreams with Wings
  • Hometown Liquors
  • Bombay International Grocery
  • 1615 Bardstown Rd.
  • Hubbly Bubbly Smoke Shope
  • Coca Belle
  • Safai Coffee
  • Deer Park Baptist Church
  • 1769 Bardstown Rd.
  • The Diaper Fairy Cottage
  • Secrets Resale Boutique
  • Cherokee Coins & Jewelry
  • Be Well Fitness & Rehab
  • Re/Max Metro
  • 1905 Bardstown Rd.
  • Martin Alan Hirsch Decorative Finish Studio
  • 1907 Bardstown Rd
  • Family Realty
  • Statewide Mortgage
  • St Francis Apartments
  • 1971 Bardstown Rd (apartments)
  • The Frederick
  • Park Community (new location at Douglass Loop)
  • St Paul Methodist Church
  • Highlands Animal Clinic
  • Avada Hearing Care
  • Banh Mi Hero
  • Conn's Auto Service
  • Papa John's
  • The Rose building
  • Electric Ladyland
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • Z Salon