Stylized line drawing of mark playing the flute

Thoughts on wasting time

Sometimes a person will do something and there's no denying it's an incredible feat but people are left wondering why bother?

Like Satoshi Araki's incredibly detailed urban dioramas

Or setting a world record solving a Rubix Cube

Or Paul Smith's typewriter paintings

Or Scott Weaver's toothpick sculptures

A common refrain is

What a waste of time!


That person needs to get a life!


They should get out more!

But I can't see it that way.

Did you put effort into something? Did you learn something? Did you create something in the process?

You get one block of time for your life and you get to decide how it's spent.

If you chose to do something and it's scratching that little itch in your brain, then how can it be a waste of time?