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By the numbers: Coldest ride ever

Today was the coldest weather I've ever ridden in. Here are some pertinent statistics:

Temperature: 0°F

Distance: 5.1mi

Elapsed time: ~21mins

Number of shirts worn: 3 (smart wool base-layer, short-sleeve cycling jersey, long-sleeve cycling jersey)

Number of outer-layers worn: 3 (fleece pullover, cotton hooded sweatshirt, windbreaker)

Number of pairs of socks worn: 2 (dryfeet cycling socks, smart wool long socks, plus wind-proof shoe-covers)

Number of pairs of gloves worn: 2 (wool gloves covered by fleece lobster-claws)

Number of hat/face things worn: 3 (cotton balaclava, fleece hat, wool scarf)

Number of times I had to stop to scrap ice off my glasses: 4

Number of strange things that got ice on them: 2 (my eyelashes and the hairs inside my nose)

Number of times I swore out loud at the wind: A LOT

It wasn't an easy ride but it wasn't the most uncomfortable ride ever either. Of course, I did wear just about every piece of warm gear I own.