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You Meet All Kinds of People Cycling

You meet all kinds of people cycling.

Encounter 1

I was sitting at the intersection of Taylorsville Rd. & Hikes Ln. waiting for the light to change when a giant pickup truck pulled up next to me and the driver rolled down the window. I was half expecting some version of the "Get the hell out of the road" speech I get from time to time.

But I was pleased when the 60-something guy inside starting asking questions about where I got my rear blinky light (Planet Bike Superflash Turbo).

It turns out he has a couple of old (but mint condition) steel-frame 10-speeds from the 80's that he wants to start riding more but he wanted lights to put on them. He was impressed by how far away he could see my light.

Encounter 2

Not quite as pleasant since I almost got side-swiped by a guy who was reading a newspaper while driving. He thought my chastising him was very unreasonable.