Stylized line drawing of mark playing the flute

My Favorite Explanation of clip: rect();

I was having trouble yesterday, getting my head around how clip: rect(); worked. I finally got it after this explanation (and accompanying drawing) from Ben Wilson.

The basic format of clip() is:

Note that IE doesn’t use commas to separate the arguments to rect: rect(top right bottom left);

Rect defines a rectangle that sits over the top of whatever element you’re applying clip on and hides the rest of the element. The arguments to define the rectangle all start from the top-left of the original element.


  1. Top: How far down from the top of the box to start
  2. Right: How far over to the right to start (NOT how far from the right)
  3. Bottom: How far down to the bottom to start (NOT how far from the bottom)
  4. Left: How far over to the left to start.

In the drawing above, we have a 100x100 box and we’re going to clip it to 90x90 so the clip rect would be: