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Getting the caption of an image attached to a WordPress post

I've been building a site at work that uses WordPress for the back-end. Since the site is for a very specific purpose, most of the heavy lifting happens through a heavily customized theme which means I'm getting knee deep in WordPress template tags (and, most likely, abusing them in all sorts of horrific ways).

Most tasks involving template tags are pretty straightforward but there was one thing that was a bit tricky for me to figure out.

Getting the caption of an image attached to a post

This seemed easy on the surface but ended up taking some research to figure out.

Most people who've used WordPress have used the improved interface for inserting an image (or gallery) into a post. The interesting thing is that those image attachments are actually stored as posts. Each image attachment has an entry in the wp_posts table with the parent_post field set to the ID of the containing post.

I may have missed it but I couldn't find a decent explanation of the above anywhere. But the nice thing is that, once you have a handle to the containing post, you can use the get_posts() template tag to get at the image attachments.

Now, in my case, I have several posts in a category called "Pictures". Each post contains a gallery shortcode item which has a number of image attachments.

In this example, we're getting a single, random post from the "Pictures" category (category ID 9).

                     $picPosts = get_posts('numberposts=1&orderby=rand&category=9');                     $picPost = $picPosts[0];

This gives us a post object ($picPost) which we can use to get at the image attachments. The following code will get a single, random image attachment (remember, that attachment is still just a post!) that has $picPost as its parent.

                    $args = array(                                'post_type'=> 'attachment',                                'numberposts'=> 1,                                'post_status'=> null,                                'post_parent'=> $picPost->ID,                                'orderby'=> 'rand'                                );                    $attachments = get_posts($args);                    $attachment = $attachments[0];

Once $attachment is set, we have an object that will give us the image caption (stored in $attachment->post_excerpt) or the image description ($attachment->post_content).

This strategy lets me have a gallery section of the site that links nicely together (using previous_post_link and next_post_link on each page that has a post using the gallery shortcode) and I can easily pull a random image attachment out to display on the front page.