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Making sure FireBug console calls don't bomb in IE

One of my favorite FireBug features is logging messages from Javascript to the FireBug Console window using console.log(β€˜whatever’).

But one problem is that your Javascript fails in IE because the console object doesn’t exist. Here’s a very simple workaround that doesn't support the complete Firebug console syntax but is good enough for simple cases.

Just put this somewhere where it gets called when the page loads BEFORE you do any console.log() calls:

  if(typeof console == "undefined") {        console = new Object();        console.log = function(msg) {            alert(msg);        }    }

Now console.log() will still go the Firebug console in FF but will pop up an alert in IE. You could just easily tweak it to output to a div (or do nothing) instead of having the alert box.