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How I Single-Handedly Further Disgruntled a Disgruntled Domino's Assistant Manager

Scheduled end of shift 12:00AM PST

Actual Time (AT) 12:07AM W. interrupts me while I am doing dishes to take one last run even though we're closed. Dishes are my last task to finish before I can go home.

12:18AM Return from run and organize $$$ so W. can check me out for the night. Wait while W. attempts to finish entering large quantities of data for menial tasks that could easily be finished AFTER I'm checked out.

12:26AM Still waiting.

12:31AM Decide to go take the light off my car while waiting. I put the $$$ I have laid out for W. to count back into my lockbox and lock it while I'm gone. W. is offended that I don't trust him.

12:37AM W. finally checks me out and I stagger home. Somehow I manage to not real with guilt over not trusting W.