Stylized line drawing of mark playing the flute

The Saga of an Uhappily-Married-Disgruntled Manager at Domino's: Part 1

I am trying to figure out how to mark a carryout order as paid in the computer. I manage to accomplish this but only by printing out "corrected" order labels which I must throw away. I know that these labels are expensive and so I ask W., the current shift supervisor, how I can do this without wasting labels.

W. decides that what I am actually asking is for great detail regarding his cash-handling skills earned as manager of various strip clubs and pizza joints in the greater Los Angeles area. W. decides that it is important that I understand that the cash register never balances out perfectly at the end of the night. You have either stolen or lost money if your register balances.

W. turns away to answer the phone and I go and look for someone else to ask about my label-dilemma. The answer to my question is that there is no way to do what I need. Simply put the money in the draw, make change as necessary, and walk away. The computer will take care of itself.